The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) is concerned over the high level of self-medication among the general public.
Self-medication is the selection and use of medicines by individuals to treat self-recognized illnesses or symptoms without medical supervision. Patients should always seek medical advice before using medicines.
Risks of self-medication include; making a wrong diagnosis, use of inappropriate medicines that can lead to adverse effects, resistance to medicines, masking the symptoms of a serious disease, delaying the required health intervention, and inaccurate dosages that can lead to over-dosing or under-dosing. These can lead to worsening of your illness, complications or death.
Do not self-medicate. Let the doctor determine the cause of your illness and prescribe the right medicines for you.
Consult your Pharmacist or Pharmaceutical technologist whenever in doubt; this ensures you get the right medicine for the right condition at the right time.
Always remember to buy medicines from PPB registered medicine outlets only. Share this notice with your family, friends and networks to promote rational use of medicines and stay safe.                


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