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Guidelines for evaluation of pharmtechs
Guidelines for evaluation and assessment for registration of pharmacists

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How to Make an Application

    • For Students (Currently in an institution)Through PPB Online Indexing. An
      institution administrator will create your
      profile and you will receive an email with a
      link that will allow you to interact with the
      portal. You will need to complete the
      indexing process before you access any
      services on the portal. After you have
      successfully been indexed, you should be
      able to access the exam application.
    • Others (not in an institution)PPB will create your profile. You will
      receive an SMS and an email notifying
      you that you have been created as a
      ‘student’ and you need to set up your
      profile. Go to the PPB Online Services
      Portal and register for a student account
      by clicking on the ‘Not Registered’ link
      and selecting ‘Student’ when prompted
      to select cadre. Enter your details and
      then access your email to complete the
      registration process. After that you will be
      able to access the exam application.



Click on ‘Exams’ to access the exams portal
and then click on ‘Exam Application’ to make
your application. If this is your first time to sit
for any board exam select ‘First Attempt’
under Entry Level, otherwise select ‘Resit’ and
specify the number of attempts.
NB: Use this option (Resit) if you already sat for
your Stage/Level One exams and enter 0 under
‘Number of Attempts’
Upload the relevant documents and click on
‘Save & Continue’. The system will generate
an invoice for your application and prompt
you to make payments. Click on ‘Make
Payments’ and follow the instructions.


After your payment has been received, you
will receive notification from PPB and you
will be able to download a receipt. After
your application has been processed, you
will receive another notification and you
will be able to download your exam card